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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yay new stuff! :)

So, I did end up going shopping the day after Christmas and was able to score a few awesome pieces. Unfortunately though, I probably would have been a better shopper if I hadn't spent so much time catching up with people I ran in to! Nonetheless, I still managed to get some nice pieces though.

First off, I've been looking for two particular pieces to add to my shoe collection. A great boot and a nice pair of nude colored heels. I somehow managed to find both!

Style&Co Excite Boot in Black

I have to admit though, I think they look better in person.
As for the nude heels, I opted for the Steve Madden "Comodo"s. Both pair of shoes are super comfy! I have to admit I was pretty excited to find the boots though because I can never seem to find boots that fit my calves well, there's always too much extra space. These aren't perfect, but with jeans tucked in they will be close enough to what I'm looking for.

Nothing else I bought was very exciting... just basics. I picked up a bunch of long camis from 5.7.9, a few simple silver bracelets from Forever 21, a couple Guess sweaters from Macy*s (I'll try to take pictures of those soon), and a couple things from the MAC counter. I wish I could post a longer, more in depth update but with the holidays and my daughter being home for break I just am not getting anything done. Plus I've also been working on reorganizing my room and adding more storage space, so that doesn't help either. ;)

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted-- oops! I just have been sooo busy with finals and getting ready for Christmas that I haven't had much time to look into fashion. Although I must admit, I always have time for beauty! I've been placing a lot of orders online to Sephora (since the closest one is over an hour away) so once the one I placed today shows up, maybe I will post something solely about the hauls. I am, however, hoping to shop tomorrow and find some good fashion related items for my wardrobe, so if I do, I will definitely be posting about that! I hope everyone had a safe and very Merry Christmas. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shoe Dazzle

As part of my transformation, I've been looking into websites/programs that kind of "help you" by recommending items that you might like, because I tend to get stuck into always wearing a certain style and am too clueless as to how to incorporate new trends into my look. As far as makeup goes, I've been a member of Beauty Fix for almost a year, and love it, but was looking for something a bit more fashion related. This is how I happened to come across Shoe Dazzle. Pretty much SD is a program founded by Kim Kardashian that gives you a big survey to fill out to helps assess your fashion tastes, and then after reviewing it, a couple of stylists hand pick 5 different pairs of shoes that they think you will like. They send you a notification that your new shoe selections are in and then you review them and can either choose one to order for $39.95 or ask them to send you new recommendations if you don't like the ones they gave you. Or you can always opt to skip that month if you want to, without having to pay the $39.95 fee. I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical, but for $39.95, I figured what the heck and signed up. They sent me my 5 selections and while I was not wowed by 3 of them, I found the other two kind of interesting because they were so outside my comfort zone. One of them because it had gold accents and I don't really wear gold (in fact, I just bought some gold earrings and a necklace a few weeks ago to try to ease myself into wearing gold accessories), and a pair that were just not a style I have ever worn.

These are the two options that stood out to me the most:
Photobucket "Link"

While the first pair are def the safer bet because they're a bit more classic, they are the pair I chose because I figured I would get more use out of them than the Lumina's, especially with it being winter in Upstate NY.

Anyways, they arrived today and I have to admit that I was really surprised with just how much I liked them in person. The only thing I see an issue with is the fact that the shoes are like, a black suede-y material, and the material continues onto the bottom of the shoe, making it have pretty much no grip. I mean sure they have the little indents, but they really don't do anything compared to shoes that have say, a rubber bottom that is a bit sturdier. Hopefully this issue will be solved with a pair of high heel grips that can be bought at Rite Aid for a few dollars though. I am going to try to wear them out within the next week and will definitely be blogging about my thoughts/review on them.

I definitely think that Shoe Dazzle is a great concept though and am already excited to see what they pick for me for the month of January! It's not often I find many nice shoes for only $39.95, and with their great return/exchange system I'm definitely confident when ordering from them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Introduction

So I've decided that as a 23 year old mother of 1, I feel like I need to start "looking the part" instead of looking like a high school student. Now I know that I shouldn't feel the need to impress anyone, and honestly that is not is what driving me to do this... I just want to be able to walk into a room and feel confident in how I look and not be self conscious that I'm under dressed or anything. I've always kind of been a throw-something-on kind of person in the morning, which usually means jeans and a t-shirt. While this is great for errands and whatnot, sometimes you just want to feel put together so that people will take you seriously. A few things make this transformation a bit of a challenge, such as my location (Upstate NY, where the weather is pretty unpredictable and can make looking cute a bit hard) as well as my budget (as much as I love fashion, I just cannot bring myself to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a shirt or something ie:$100 for a shirt/jeans/etc.--shoes + purses are the only exception here ;) ).

This blog will be mainly about me taking more "risks" regarding fashion, and me breaking out of the fashion box that I've been in for so long. So I will be posting pictures of outfits I like and want to try to re-create on my budget, as well as blogging about makeup (a HUGE addiction of mine) and possibly doing reviews on.