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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yay new stuff! :)

So, I did end up going shopping the day after Christmas and was able to score a few awesome pieces. Unfortunately though, I probably would have been a better shopper if I hadn't spent so much time catching up with people I ran in to! Nonetheless, I still managed to get some nice pieces though.

First off, I've been looking for two particular pieces to add to my shoe collection. A great boot and a nice pair of nude colored heels. I somehow managed to find both!

Style&Co Excite Boot in Black

I have to admit though, I think they look better in person.
As for the nude heels, I opted for the Steve Madden "Comodo"s. Both pair of shoes are super comfy! I have to admit I was pretty excited to find the boots though because I can never seem to find boots that fit my calves well, there's always too much extra space. These aren't perfect, but with jeans tucked in they will be close enough to what I'm looking for.

Nothing else I bought was very exciting... just basics. I picked up a bunch of long camis from 5.7.9, a few simple silver bracelets from Forever 21, a couple Guess sweaters from Macy*s (I'll try to take pictures of those soon), and a couple things from the MAC counter. I wish I could post a longer, more in depth update but with the holidays and my daughter being home for break I just am not getting anything done. Plus I've also been working on reorganizing my room and adding more storage space, so that doesn't help either. ;)


  1. Hi hi Jessica
    Found your blog through your Specktra post, dropping by to show some love :)

  2. Thanks babe! Feel free to comment whenever you want, I'd love your input! :)