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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


IDK what is wrong with me, I just cannot stop buying shoes!

I hit up TJ Maxx +Marshalls today and snagged the following:

5 or 6 pairs of leggings (grey, brown, shiny-ish looking black ones+ reg black ones)
a long sleeved purple Express top w/ detail around the neckline
a blue top that I don't really know how to describe haha
brown short sleeved cardigan

and these shoes: (all heels are by Guess and the boots are by Jessica Simpson)

Reg Price: $85 -- I Paid: $49.99

Reg Price: $75 -- I Paid: $39.99

Reg Price: $75 -- I Paid: $29.99

Reg Price: $75 -- I Paid: $39.99
Yay details! :)

Reg Price: $180 -- I paid: $49


Monday, January 25, 2010

MAC Haul/Outfit Of The Day

I was about to finish my Forever21 Haul post that I started the other day but realized that most of the items that I loved the most weren't even on the site anymore. :(

Sooooo, I decided to have a mini MAC depotting party so that I could get some new lippies from the Back To MAC program... I ended up getting Blankety, Creme Cup, and Myself. I had been trying to wear more bold lippies that I own (Show Orchid, LadyBug, Lickable, etc) but I have had a bit of a "setback" as of late.... last Wednesday I got braces again. Thankfully I only need them for about 6 months or so but in the mean time I'm having a hard time getting used to wearing lip products since I am constantly getting nervous about getting product on the braces (the brackets are clear, btw, which is why I think I am so scared haha). Hopefully over time I will get comfortable enough with them to go back to being a bit more daring though!

Today was my first day of the spring semester at college and I wanted to get a picture of my outfit before school but Adrianna (my daughter) and I were just running a bit late this morning and time didn't allow for it. However, I did manage to find the top I wore from the F21 site and figured I could still show you all what I wore today.

Top: F21 Grommet Knit Top in Grey (I had a long dark grey cami on underneath as well)
Jeans: Dark Wash Skinny Jeans by Bullhead (PacSun)
Boots: Nine West "Rontae" (Seriously you guys, THE BEST BOOTS EVER. They are SO comfy and I love them even more than the other pair I had posted about before. The best part is that they have the little straps in the back that can be adjusted to fit your calf-which is my biggest pet peeve because it's hard to find boots that are small enough in the calves to fit snugly) I got mine at Macy's, but I didn't see them on their website.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent most of mine working, but it was good nonetheless! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shoe Dazzle Update

In this post I mentioned that I had placed my ShoeDazzle order but didn't want to let you all know which ones I chose until got them.

So, which ones did I choose?

dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn...


I def like the heels better than the boots, but they are both equally comfortable.

I also stopped by TJ Maxx yesterday and picked up 3 more pairs of shoes...

I thought these were SO cute and loved the bow detail [they're by Paris Hilton]



Simple Jessica Simpson heels

Same as the others, but obv black instead of red. ;)

Buying the JS heels made me realize that I have a black pair of heels by JS that I seem to have misplaced. :( I must try to find them!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts!

I made a kind of last minute decision (meaning that I wavered back and forth and thought about backing out about a million times) to go out of town over the weekend, and I just got home like an hour ago and HAD to make a post updating you guys on why I've been MIA. I somehow slipped up and forgot to make a post letting you all know ahead of time, but hey, we all forget sometimes. I hope to get the Forever 21 post up soon (which will probably be very time consuming) so the ShoeDazzle post will probably come first since my shoes arrived the day I left. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

GreatGlam.com Haul

After much debate, instead of trying to take my own pictures of the clothes I bought and then linking you back to the item anyway, I decided to just use their pictures and describe what I do/don't like about the item.

Sexy Muse: $26.80
Pros: Very soft, comfortable (feels like a big t-shirt)
Cons: a little bit more loose than the picture shows (on me anyway), the design looks a bit more "cheap" IRL
Overall: Pretty nice, would re-buy

Angelic: $24.80
Pros: Very sexy when on
Cons: definitely a "starve yourself before you wear this" kind of dress, the material shows no sympathy to your stomach area
Overall: I wish I had gotten a L (I got a M in all 4 items) but I hate sending stuff back so I'm going to make it work. haha

Reasonable: $24.80
Pros: long, comfortable
Cons: doesn't look as good on me as on the model
Overall: a decent buy.. though not sure if I would re-buy again

Missing Link: $23.80
Pros: Long, comfortable, accentuates cleavage very well ;)
Cons: Belt slides a little so it might need re-tightening throughout the day/night, the top part isn't as dark as I feel it should be (it almost looks faded, if that makes sense)
Overall: My favorite of all 4 items purchased, without a doubt

I wasn't expecting super high quality stuff but overall I'm satisfied with what I got for what I paid... I like that it's a big different from what you usually see in the mall and that's what I liked about the site the most. There's two other items that caught my eye that I might order at another time (
Saint + Keep It Real) but that's for another post. Which, btw, I am also lemming these boots from Wet Seal... I might stop by the mall tomorrow to see if they have them in store. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Stuff!

Yay! I'm so happy! I had placed some orders from GreatGlam.com + Forever21.com and I got them both a few days ago! The tracking numbers were off in the expected delivery date though, so I wasn't expecting them until today or even next week. There's a lot though, so I'm going to break it up into a few posts so it's not super overwhelming with pictures and whatnot. While I'm starting to feel really happy about my closet, I know there are still a couple pieces I would love to find...
a) a great fitting pencil skirt
b) over the knee/thigh high boots (although this isn't as necessary as the pencil skirt- haha)
c) a nice fitting simple colored dress that I can dress up or down
d) a great pair of sunglasses that go well with my face shape

I also have noticed that I need to stop buying clothes that are black. Thats going to be part of my revised New Years Resolution: To stop buying clothes that I don't absolutely love when I try them on, and to stop buying things that are black.. except maybe the pencil skirt. ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's that time of the month again!

No, not that time... Shoe Dazzle time!
Around the first of every month they send you your 5 new picks for that month, and let's just say.... the ones they sent me were awful. Not my style at all. Thankfully though, you can request to have new choices chosen for you based on a short survey. While they say to allow 5 business days, mine were done today, so I guess technically it was only 2 which was nice. These choices were much better and I found myself kind of stuck between two choices yet again.


Stephanie - I like these because they are a classic style, just in a great hot pink color. These would be great because I tend to be very monochromatic in clothes and it would be a simple way to add a pop of color!


Manhattan - I like these ones because I don't have anything like them based on color or style.

When it comes to fashion I'm not a big details person, I like simplicity and I think both of these shoes offer a nice simplistic cut that I like, as well as not being over the top with details.

So, which ones did I choose? I'm not telling! I'm going to post a picture when they arrive and then I'll let it be known which selection I made... but in the meantime, which pair would you pick? why or why not?

Asymmetrical Cardigan w/ Crochet Detail

Ah, sorry it took me a little bit longer than I had anticipated to get a pic up! Weekends are usually the worst times for me to be productive since I work nights which means I sleep late on those days. ;)

in this one you can kind of see the asymmetry.. overall it's just a really comfortable piece with nice flow (sorry for the bad quality of the pic.. my camera battery was close to dead)

The back detail. I love how from the front this piece seems very "plain" (for lack of a better word) but then from the back it becomes so much more interesting! I esp love it because I have a tattoo across my upper back so it's a nice way to "show it off" while still being pretty covered up.

I paired it with a slinky long black cami, some slightly distressed skinny jeans, and the boots I posted a picture of a few posts back. As far as jewelry, I just kept simple studs in my lobe piercings but used a layered necklace from Forever 21 as the focal point. I really loved the way everything looked and wish I had gotten a full body shot though.

Overall I'm even more pleased with this item than I thought I would be... I have been looking for a nice long cardigan didn't want to pay Macy*s-esque prices for one piece (I'm trying to be more frugal... trying being the key word there) and didn't expect to find it at TJ Maxx for under $20! So my question to you all is, where have you found your best deals?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

My daughter Adrianna and I had a great New Years Eve/New Years Day and we hope everyone else did too!

We didn't do anything exciting last night and today we spent time at a local museum which was a lot of fun. Plus, on the way home I decided to stop at TJ Maxx and scored a NARS 3 piece duo lipgloss set (6 colors I don't have, yay!), 4 Philosophy lipglosses, and a long/asymmetrical black cardigan! This made me very happy because there was one I wanted to order online but it went out of stock before I could do so. Plus, this one is even better because it has a really nice crochet-type pattern in the back between the sleeves. I'll definitely try to take a picture either later tonight or tomorrow, because it's just so pretty I have to post it. :)

I don't really have much to update about except that I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and have started 2010 off in a wonderful way!