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Monday, January 11, 2010

GreatGlam.com Haul

After much debate, instead of trying to take my own pictures of the clothes I bought and then linking you back to the item anyway, I decided to just use their pictures and describe what I do/don't like about the item.

Sexy Muse: $26.80
Pros: Very soft, comfortable (feels like a big t-shirt)
Cons: a little bit more loose than the picture shows (on me anyway), the design looks a bit more "cheap" IRL
Overall: Pretty nice, would re-buy

Angelic: $24.80
Pros: Very sexy when on
Cons: definitely a "starve yourself before you wear this" kind of dress, the material shows no sympathy to your stomach area
Overall: I wish I had gotten a L (I got a M in all 4 items) but I hate sending stuff back so I'm going to make it work. haha

Reasonable: $24.80
Pros: long, comfortable
Cons: doesn't look as good on me as on the model
Overall: a decent buy.. though not sure if I would re-buy again

Missing Link: $23.80
Pros: Long, comfortable, accentuates cleavage very well ;)
Cons: Belt slides a little so it might need re-tightening throughout the day/night, the top part isn't as dark as I feel it should be (it almost looks faded, if that makes sense)
Overall: My favorite of all 4 items purchased, without a doubt

I wasn't expecting super high quality stuff but overall I'm satisfied with what I got for what I paid... I like that it's a big different from what you usually see in the mall and that's what I liked about the site the most. There's two other items that caught my eye that I might order at another time (
Saint + Keep It Real) but that's for another post. Which, btw, I am also lemming these boots from Wet Seal... I might stop by the mall tomorrow to see if they have them in store. :)

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