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Monday, January 25, 2010

MAC Haul/Outfit Of The Day

I was about to finish my Forever21 Haul post that I started the other day but realized that most of the items that I loved the most weren't even on the site anymore. :(

Sooooo, I decided to have a mini MAC depotting party so that I could get some new lippies from the Back To MAC program... I ended up getting Blankety, Creme Cup, and Myself. I had been trying to wear more bold lippies that I own (Show Orchid, LadyBug, Lickable, etc) but I have had a bit of a "setback" as of late.... last Wednesday I got braces again. Thankfully I only need them for about 6 months or so but in the mean time I'm having a hard time getting used to wearing lip products since I am constantly getting nervous about getting product on the braces (the brackets are clear, btw, which is why I think I am so scared haha). Hopefully over time I will get comfortable enough with them to go back to being a bit more daring though!

Today was my first day of the spring semester at college and I wanted to get a picture of my outfit before school but Adrianna (my daughter) and I were just running a bit late this morning and time didn't allow for it. However, I did manage to find the top I wore from the F21 site and figured I could still show you all what I wore today.

Top: F21 Grommet Knit Top in Grey (I had a long dark grey cami on underneath as well)
Jeans: Dark Wash Skinny Jeans by Bullhead (PacSun)
Boots: Nine West "Rontae" (Seriously you guys, THE BEST BOOTS EVER. They are SO comfy and I love them even more than the other pair I had posted about before. The best part is that they have the little straps in the back that can be adjusted to fit your calf-which is my biggest pet peeve because it's hard to find boots that are small enough in the calves to fit snugly) I got mine at Macy's, but I didn't see them on their website.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent most of mine working, but it was good nonetheless! :)

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