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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bare Escentuals Buxom Liner: A Review

I haven't been doing much as far as pulled together looks because honestly, I just haven't had the time nor energy. I did place an online order with Sephora about 2 weeks ago though because I just had a lemming for a couple new products. (I ordered the Urban Decay Cocoa flavored body powder, Bare Escentuals Buxom liner in Leatherette, and Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy)

The product I was most excited for was by far the Buxom liner, and I hate to admit it, but I am SO disappointed with this product. I saw TiffanyD's review on YT and have been lusting after it since then but I really should have just held off.

I can deal with a gel liner thats a little bit "watery" and takes a bit longer to dry.. but this was just so much worse than I was expecting. Seriously. It was much more slippery than I expected it to be and definitely didn't stay on my waterline for more than 5 minutes max. On top of that, trying to get a clean, opaque line was near impossible. I had to layer and layer and then layer some more and I kid you not, my liner looked BROWN. I had used MAC's Smolder and Urban Decay's Zero on my lower lash line on different occasions and in comparison to that it looked like I had black liner on the bottom and a medium-deep brown on the top. Not a good look. On top of that, this stuff didn't last more than 3 hours. From the time I would put it on, go to class, and drive back home there was barely any liner left on my lid... and if there was, it was super splotchy and just bad looking. Not to mention it very easily migrated into my crease instead of staying on my upper lash line--so if you have really hooded eyes like I do you may want to reconsider. (this is not to say I've never had fluidline migrate a bit on me, but that was usually only when I was really rushing for time and didn't allow it to dry properly... I made a point to let this have time to dry because I knew ahead of time that it was a bit on the watery side)

I am not going to return it as I really like the fact that it's supposed to be good for your lashes and whatnot (I'm definitely not expecting any results though after how the product has performed thus far), and will probably "salvage" it by using it as a black cream base, for days when I'm only going to have makeup on for a short period of time, or for days when I feel like taking the extra time to set it with a black powder eyeshadow.

Has anyone else tried this product? How did it work for you?

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